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Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower Game

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Elephant Games proudly presents the latest gripping tale in the Cursed Fables series! When news of a creature stealing the souls of men from a local village reaches your coven, it’s the perfect chance for you to prove you’re ready to join their ranks! Since your mother was exiled for betraying the coven, you’ve been waiting for the chance to redeem your family’s honor. But this won’t be an easy task, and it will take all your magical knowledge and skills to stop the beast from spreading chaos throughout the kingdom! Do you have what it takes, or will you lose yourself to the tower’s darkness? Find out in this spell-binding Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure! [7810]

Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower full game features:
  • Experience the tale of Rapunzel from a new perspective!
  • Stunning visuals bring another legendary fairytale to cursed life!
  • Enjoy memorable hidden object scenes and mind-bending puzzles!
  • For additional features, check out the Collector's Edition

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Screenshot of Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower Screenshot of Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower Screenshot of Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower

Cursed Fables: Twisted Tower

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
CPU: 1.8 GHz
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