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Power Rangers Samurai Game

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Power Rangers Samurai is an Action-Adventure game for Nintendo Wii in which the popular Power Ranger franchise makes a return. Using your skills as one of several Power Rangers and an impressive array of martial arts skills and weapons defeat an slew of enemies that have bled over into your world from the Netherworld. Features include: easy-to-use Wii Remote specific controls, team-based battles as Ranger and the ability to merge with other Power Rangers to form the giant Samurai Megazord and go into battle.
A new generation of Power Rangers is here for the Nintendo Wii in Power Rangers Samurai. Practice the ancient Symbols of Samurai Power, activate your Spin Swords and become your favorite Samurai Ranger. Use your special powers and weapons to battle the evil forces of the Netherworld. Employ teamwork to join forces with your fellow Rangers and activate the Samurai Megazord for epic boss battles. Rangers Together, Samurai Forever. [54]

Power Rangers Samurai full game features:
  • Protect the World From Evil
  • Armed For Battle
  • Teamwork
  • Samurai Power Up
  • Samurai Megazord, We Are United

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Power Rangers Samurai

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