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RugTales Collector's Edition Game

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You think you know what's going on in your home when you're not paying attention? Let this Click-Management mission prove you otherwise and find out what's really happening in your fluffy rugs in this Click-Management adventure! Join our two carpet heroes Woolly Yarrows and Curlytop Knotweed as they face the biggest challenge of their lives. A whirlwind has destroyed their tiny village and carried the beautiful Bearberry to the far-away garden! Our miniature heroes must fight their way through dangerous creatures to reach the Big Green and rescue Bearberry before it’s too late. [634]

RugTales Collector's Edition full game features:
  • 45 innovative Click-Management levels
  • 10 additional extra-long levels
  • Integrated walkthrough
  • 12 Achievements
  • Enjoy exclusive wallpapers, music, and more!

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Screenshot of RugTales Collector's Edition Screenshot of RugTales Collector's Edition Screenshot of RugTales Collector's Edition

RugTales Collector's Edition

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CPU: 1.4 GHz
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