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Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Game

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The legendary Soulstone has been stolen from the national museum and Claire, along with her loyal helpers, have witnessed the revival of the terracotta army and an insidious Emperor bent on awakening an ancient dragon and conquering the world! Fortunately, our heroes have other plans. In Lost Artifacts: Soulstone, go on an adventure full of myths and legends as you master exciting time management levels. Restore statues, build epic buildings, overcome challenges and manage resources in your quest to stop the terracotta army! [101]

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone full game features:
  • Complete various quests
  • Fun storyline with colorful comics
  • 4 unique locations to visit
  • Simple controls and helpful tutorial
  • For a more in depth experience, check out the Collector's Edition

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Screenshot of Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Screenshot of Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Screenshot of Lost Artifacts: Soulstone


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